Generic Logic's interactive Graphics Builder allows developers to rapidly create and prototype dynamic graphical displays and custom graphical components without writing low-level graphics code, saving months of development time and facilitating the components' reuse. The HMI displays are cross-platform and can be deployed on both Unix/Linux, Windows and ARM platforms, as well as on the embedded devices. A simplified and customizable HMI Configurator is provided for OEM deliveries.

GLG Toolkit provides the following pre-built collections of widgets:  Controls widgets ,  Avionics Controls widgets ,  Process Control Symbols , Real-Time Charts , 2D Graphs,  3D Graphs , Special Widgets: Palettes, Text Fields, Spinners, Axes, Layout Templates and other building blocks for creating specialized custom drawings.   Custom widgets can be built using the Professional or Enterprise Editions of the Graphics Builder and integrated into the Builder's palettes. Generic Logics provides services for building custom widgets.
HostMonitor is a highly scalable network monitoring software suitable for small and enterprise-level networks .  HostMonitor can check any TCP service, ping a host, check a route, monitor Web, FTP, Mail, DNS servers. It can check the available disk space, amount of free physical or virtual memory, CPU usage, monitor size of a file or folder, check integrity of your files and web site; it tests your SQL servers, monitors network traffic and much, much more...

Products : Advanced Host Monitor , IP-Tools .
Reduce the security attacks' risks and get rid of DCOM vulnerabilities with OPCNet Broker

It's an OPCNet Broker's  component.

This OPC tunneller  secures communications with the control network using a single port through a firewall. It guarantees the data integrity by using data encryption to prevent attacks from hackers as well as user authentication. Moreover, this advanced tunnelling solution is robust against network glitches by providing automated reconnection mechanisms and data compression features. This, consequently, reduces the costs and strains on your network during data transfers.
MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud is an on-line lab accessible over the Internet. It consists of a hosted cloud of CCNA lab pods. Within seconds you can connect to a pod to practice Cisco IOS commands on various Cisco Routers and Switches. It allows a hands-on learning experience without having to buy expensive equipment.

MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud can be accessed anytime from anywhere through the web browser you are already familiar with. You don't need to install any new software.

MIMIC allows Network Engineers to practice for CCNA and other certifications instead of just reading instructions. It enables Training organizations to supply a remote Virtual lab to students along with the classroom training or e-learning courses. Students can interact with Routers and Switches, just like with real devices.
How do you test your management application's scalability to support thousands of servers and devices? How do you test whether a load balancer can handle a Web Server farm without reaching the performance limits?
MIMIC Server Simulator simulates thousands of servers to easily test, develop and demo client applications for those servers.
1) MIMIC allows testing with thousands of servers having different IP or IPv6 addresses.
2) User-friendly graphical interface allows easy and intuitive setup of the test environment.
3) Simulate servers as if they are located at geographically separate locations or countries.
4) Add delays or drop packets to create remote or bad links.
Overall, MIMIC Server Simulator enables you to do a complete testing of Network Management and Server Management applications.
Migrate to OPC Unified Architecture now with OPC UA Wrapper!

Integration Objects' OPC UA Wrapper is a plug and play software for OPC UA to COM/DCOM based OPC tunneling and vice versa. This OPC UA software includes 2 components:
    OPC UA Wrapper that acts as a bridge between OPC Classic servers and OPC UA clients. It maps the address space of OPC Classic servers to the address space of an OPC UA server.
    OPC UA Proxy that acts as a bridge between OPC UA servers and OPC Classic clients.
This OPC UA solution can read and write OPC item values, read historical data, read and acknowledge alarms and events. It can also manage security, authentication settings and certificates.
It supports OPC Data Access, OPC Historical Data Access and OPC Alarms & Events standards.
Suchart infosol Pvt Limited stated in 2014 with the team of Electronics and Computer Science Engineers to deliver integrated software and Embedded products to Industries like  IT ,Aerospace and Govt and private System integrator and Product developement  .  Our idea is to help India local small and startup companies to develope products and provide services to their clients.  We are reseller & distributor for product like , Software Development Tools, Embedded electronic components , Integrated Test Instruments, and developement Boards . We partner with world leading product companies that are highly recommended by electronic , Software , Networking & Automation engineers , and Research people working in Universities, Small,Medium,Large & Research organizations .