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MIMIC IOS Simulator is a command line simulator that fully supports Cisco IOS® software as well as NX-OS, JUNOS, NETCONF, other command line interfaces and SNMPv1, v2, v2c, v3. You can simulate up to 100,000 devices in a single workstation, and an unlimited number of devices can be simulated by distributing it over multiple workstations. You can access devices using Telnet, SSH and SNMP. Changes made using one protocol is reflected in other.

MIMIC IOS Simulator ships with many ready-to-go simulations for Cisco devices (such as the 3640, 7206, 6260, 6500, GSR 12000, Nexus 7010). In addition, the MIMIC IOS Simulator supports many Cisco applications: CEMF (CDM, GSR Manager), CiscoWorks, CiscoWorks 2000, CiscoView and other network management applications.

You can test applications using hundreds of simulated Cisco IOS commands. Along with that MIMIC CLI/IOS Recorder allows you to record any command and simulate it.
The MIMIC Virtual Lab products have been built using MIMIC IOS Simulator.
MIMIC Protocol Support

MIMIC IOS Simulator simulates the following components to approximate a Cisco device:

Telnet: MIMIC uses a standard Telnet server, allowing users to log into simulations in order to control the behavior and configuration of the simulations.
IOS: MIMIC simulates the IOS CLI in Telnet-enabled devices.
SSH: For secure terminal access, SSH version 1.5 and/or 2.0 is supported.
SYSLOG: For remote logging, SYSLOG messages are sent to a SYSLOG server.
TFTP: File transfers to/from a TFTP server are fully supported.
    And of course all of these are integrated with SNMP v1, v2, v2c, v3
The MIMIC Product Suite

    MIMIC Simulator: Simulates an entire network. Configurations are run-time customizable. MIMIC responds to queries on any of its configured IP addresses, so it is as if the NMS application is talking to actual devices.

    MIMIC Recorder: Simulates the behavior of devices on a network by capturing a “snapshot” of the device in operation. The Simulation can then easily replay the entire network.

    MIMIC CLI/IOS Recorder: Enables users to make recordings of sessions between management stations and managed devices and to convert them into rules files for use with the simulations.

    MIMIC Compiler: Import any SMI-compliant MIB and to extend the set of defined devices to support proprietary equipment.

   MIMICView: A user-friendly GUI to manipulate the simulations.

    MIMIC Shell: A command-line interface.

    Discovery Wizard: Discover, record and simulate networks in a single step.
MIMICView: A user-friendly GUI to manipulate the simulations.
MIMIC Shell: A command-line interface.

Discovery Wizard: Discover, record and simulate networks in a single step.

MIB Wizard: Import and compile multiple MIBs simultaneously.

Simulation Wizard: Build a custom simulation quickly just by specifying the MIBs needed; seeding the simulation with values; specifying default values to use; or entering custom values.

Topology Wizard: Create topologies of devices, networks, their interfaces and interconnections.

  Update Wizard: Provides notification of product updates and optional add-ons.

  Libraries: Include devices from leading device vendors, like Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, and small and large networks, and over 1,200 MIBs.

Platforms: Supports Windows®, Solaris™, Linux™ and Amazon Cloud. (details)
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