Product Features
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CADSoftTools trademark, develops a line of software products for industrial and construction drawings. CADSoftTools aims to do its customers' work with design and project documentation as convenient and effective as possible.
At present, CADSoftTools customers are thousands of companies in more than 100 countries worldwide, among which are LG HealthCare and Samsung in Korea, Hitachi Power Europe in Germany, Boeing in the USA, etc. At the same time, users of CADSoftTools products include industrial and construction companies, firms specializing in programming and managing engineering documentation as well as private individuals.
This is its own kernel in reading, saving and editing AutoCAD T DWG, DXF and DWF; HPGL: PLT, SPL; SVG and CGM formats that underlies CADSoftTools solutions.
The main products of the company are the following:
.ready made applications like ABViewer;
.libraries for developers in Delphi, .NET, C++, VB, ASP, Javascript;
.plug-ins for Total Commander, IrfanView, XNView and Konvertor;
.the free online service for managing drawings
User applications for working with drawings. Viewing raster and vector file formats as well as 3D models, converting and printing, redlining and comparing files, editing existing drawings and creating new ones.
ABViewerBatch PrintCST CAD Navigator
Web Applications
Viewing drawings in browsers and other online technologies supporting HTML5.
ShareCAD Web CAD SDK PDF to DWG Online Converter
Developer Tools
Libraries, components, ActiveX controls for working with DWG, DXF, PLT, SVG, CGM and other files.
CAD DLL CADEditorX CADViewX CAD VCL CAD .NET DXF Export Java Compatibility Table
Plugins for managing CAD files in IrfanView, XNView, Konvertor and Total Commander. DWG, DXF, HPGL/HPGL2, SVG and CGM file formats are
ABViewer is universal software for PC for working with drawings. It enables you to view, edit, convert, measure and print DWG and other CAD files, as well as 3D models and raster images. You can work with a separate fragment of a drawing or, on the contrary, with a group of files. All this at an attractive price!

The Structure panel and display modes for 3D files of STEP, IGES, STL and other formats.
Viewing the surface info of a 3D model in the Structure panel.
Supported formats
DWG, DXF, DWF, HPGL, IGES, STEP, PDF and other vector and raster formats, archives.
Easy-to-use settings for saving to PDF, DWG, DXF, BMP, PLT and others.
Editing of drawings
Work with layers, blocks, dimension and text styles, snap, etc.
Section of 3D modelsNew
Create section views of 3D models to see their internal structure.

Markups to the drawing
Add commentaries and markups to the file.
File comparison
Compare the contents of DWG and DXF files to trace changes.
Thumbnails  Visual search for files.
Measuring of 3D models
Measure distance, height between faces, surface area and curvilinear edge radius. Measuring of 2D drawings
Intuitive measuring of segments, areas, perimeters and angles.
Batch and multipage print
Opportunity to print out all drawing layouts or an A1 layout on an A4 printer.
Convert PDF files into editable AutoCAD DWG entities.
DWG/DXF to G-codeNew
Generate G-code from DWG/DXF files for CNC machines.
Batch conversion
Save several files to the selected format with specified parameters.
Markups to the drawing
Add commentaries and markups to the file.
File comparison
Compare the contents of DWG and DXF files to trace changes.
Thumbnails  Visual search for files.